About Cinema in Color

This is the blog of the eminent film critic and deranged asylum patient Wild West Samurai, currently being held hostage by an extraterrestrial and forced at the cost of his marbles – both of them – to explain humans’ obsession with race and ethnicity. In order to do so, the Wild West Samurai has deemed it his mission to review films that are:

  1. American, and have…
  2. A majority cast of color, with…
  3. A lead actor or actress of color.

The films reviewed can be old or new, good or bad, the only requirement being that they revolve around characters of color.

The ratings system for reviews goes as follows:

A. See it in theaters.
B. Buy it on video.
C. Rent it on video.
D. It’s free at the library.
F. Set that shit on fire.

If you want an explanation of these criteria, you can skedaddle over to my first post for more context. ‘Cause I ain’t gonna tell ya twice.


Sayonara, dude.

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